In March 2016, Energiesprong was launched in France. The team is hosted by the sustainability  consultancy GreenFlex. Specialised in helping organisations to accelerate their social and environmental transition, GreenFlex has set up a market development team of 7 people to adapt and implement the Energiesprong approach with local stakeholders.

The first 10 net zero energy retrofits in France, Hem.


Two housing associations ICF Habitat and Vilogia, are experimenting the first Energiesprong refurbishments in France. Vilogia renovated the first 10 houses with a consortium led by Rabot Dutilleul Construction, and ICF Habitat is renovated 12 houses with a consortium led by Bouygues. Both projects were finished in 2018 and will provide precious feedback for the further deployment of Energiesprong in France.

Those first demonstrators have inspired others: Many housing associations, solution providers and facilitators have shown interest in the project and become regular attendees of workshops and members of the steering committee. 64 stakeholders, among which 14 housing associations, have signed a charter engaging them to contribute to the Energiesprong dynamics in France, and two new projects have already been launched (by Neotoa and Est Metropole Habitat).


Energiesprong France has received financial support from:

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If you want to contact Energiesprong France email or see their website


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