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The State of New York is the first state in the USA that wants to invest in refurbishing houses and apartment buildings to net zero energy levels on a large scale.

For the coming 10 years the State has reserved 30 million dollars to develop a market for these affordable, sustainable and future proof retrofits. To make this happen an independent market development team is being set up by NYSERDA that hosts the programme under the name RetrofitNY.

Garden style apartments, upstate New York


RetrofitNY, a NYSERDA initiative, is revolutionizing the way buildings are renovated in New York State. Their goal is to spearhead the creation of standardized, scalable solutions and processes that will improve the aesthetic and comfort of residential buildings while dramatically improving their energy performance. RetrofitNY is working aggressively to bring a large number of affordable housing units to or near net-zero energy use by 2025, and provide new business opportunities in the State of New York. Our efforts support Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s ambitious climate goals while improving the quality of life for affordable housing residents.


The RetrofitNY approach is based on the successful European program, Energiesprong. Adapting this tested and proven model to New York, RetrofitNY istransforming the building renovation industry through four key actions:

  1. Aggregating demand among building owners, harnessing their collective market power
  2. Mobilizing the building industry to develop innovative technical solutions to substantially improve affordable housing buildings while residents continue to live in their apartments
  3. Working with financial organizations to fund projects by capturing energy savings
  4. Engaging regulatory agencies to help facilitate widespread adoption

RetrofitNY will begin with affordable housing where high-performance retrofits have the potential to improve resident well-being. The relative uniformity of the building stock will also allow us to rapidly activate a large market and compress cost by using similar solutions on a number of buildings.

Currently the team of RetrofitNY is in the proof-of-concept and design phase. They are engaging a broad swath of industry first-movers in the engineering, construction, building, and financial sectors to develop cutting-edge, energy-efficient designs and new business opportunities in New York.

The state of New York has reserved 30 million dollars to set up the market development team and support of the first demonstrators.



To get in contact with RetrofitNY see their contact page

4-7 story walk ups in the Bronx, New York

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New York State (U.S.)

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