About Energiesprong

Energiesprong is a revolutionary, whole house refurbishment and new built standard and funding approach. It originated in the Netherlands as a government-funded innovation programme and has set a new standard in this marketThe mission of Energiesprong International is to scale this approach to other markets.

In the Netherlands, the programme was rebranded during this transition and is now known as “Stroomversnelling”. Stroomversnelling is a network of social housing organisations, solution providers, suppliers and local governments that are driving Net Zero Energy (NZE) makeovers in the Netherlands.

The mission of Energiesprong International is to drive the market for desirable and viable large-scale “Energiesprong” refurbishments (and new built houses) by 2020. The Energiesprong refurbishment standard implies a renovation is completed within one week, without residents having to vacate the home. Moreover, it comes with a 30 (or 40!)-year warranty covering both the indoor climate and the energy performance. The refurbishment is financed by combining the energy costs savings from the tenants and costs the social housing organisation saves on maintenance. Ultimately, residents get a better and more comfortable house without any additional monthly expenses.

Different markets have started to adopt this initiative, with France and the UK taking the lead. Energiesprong International now consists of the Netherlands, France, the UK, Germany and the U.S. State of New York.

The objectives of Energiesprong International are:

  1. Open and drive new markets for Energiesprong solutions;
  2. Collaborate on innovation to drive product development;
  3. Drive (portfolio) investments in emerging technologies and companies in the space.

Energiesprong International is supported by investments from various sources from participant markets individually as well as by two public EU grants: Horizon2020 and Interreg. Finally, Energiesprong International has received a philanthropic contribution from the European Climate Foundation.

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