Meet the teams

Market development teams work in all of the participating countries to make Net Zero Energy retrofits a succesfull business. Below you find the team members per country.

Global Energiesprong Alliance

Sanne de Wit

Head of ideas

Sébastien Delpont

Head of innovation

Christian Richter

Head of knowledge

Stéphanie Ah Tchou

European Projects

Lette de Wit


Marjon Uyterlinde


Energiesprong UK

Romana McCallum

Operations Manager

Catrin Bates

Communications & Events lead

Praveena Pochampalli

Research Analyst

Emmelie Brownlee

Head of Communications and Events

Emily Braham

Strategy and Operations

Ian Hutchcroft

Market Maker

Jon Warren

Market maker supply and policy

Matt Wood

Market Development Team

Emmelie Brownlee

Communications and Events Programme Manager

Ele George

Collaboration Hub Manager

Justine Prain

Project Manager

Richard Barwick

Consultant advisor in construction and building retrofit

Zack Gill

Net Zero Technical Analyst

Energiesprong France

Sébastien Delpont

Project Director

Thibault Perraillon

Project Manager Economic Model

Nicolas Weiller-Boule

Chef de project Conseil | Energie & Carbone

Déborah Knight

Project Manager Communication and Tenants

Manon Poissy


Energiesprong Germany

Uwe Bigalke

Head Market Development Team

Christian Richter

Market Development Team

Marc Lallemand

Product development

Nils Bormann

Support Prototypes

Kristina Zimmermann

Market Development Team

Till Eichmann

Market Development Team

Christian Müller

Project management

Sophia Oberhuber

Market Development Team

Christina Stahl


Energiesprong Italy

Thomas Miorin

Head of Market Development Team

Marco Dal Mas

Market Development Team

Lorenzo Lipparini


Chiara Stanghini

European projects coordinator

Marco Cucuzza

Offsite Consultant

Alessandro Zanini

Architectural Consultant
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