houses realised

5000 in The Netherlands
10 in the UK
24 in France
0 in Germany
0 in Italy


houses planned

14400 in The Netherlands
225 in the UK
6550 in France
10 in Germany
5 in Italy

The latest

10 January 2019

‘The Economist’ on failure to reduce greenhouse emissions, Energiesprong named as a step towards the solution

“Many governments in the rich world want to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from constructing and using buildings,” stated ‘The Economist’ in […]

08 January 2019

Nottingham is gearing up for the UK’s biggest rollout of Energiesprong homes in 2019

Nottingham City Council has secured over £5million through the European Regional Development Fund (2014-20) to roll out its Energiesprong, ultra-low […]

24 December 2018

E=0: Transforming Homes into the Future, the movie

 “It was really cold but now when you come home there is no need to turn on the heater,” says resident […]

14 December 2018

Vacancy Energiesprong Germany: Supply Side Support (closed)

To develop the supply side in Germany for Energiesprong solutions, including solution providers, and tier two supply chain, and to […]

04 December 2018

Innovation Day in Berlin advances German-French market development for Net Zero Energy

At the Energiesprong Innovation Day in Berlin on 16th November more than 80 front runners from German, French and Dutch […]

15 November 2018

Now available: detailed Energiesprong guide for Housing Associations in France

Energiesprong France has written a detailed guide for French social housing providers. This will help housing associations interested in the […]

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