Branding Portal

Hello everyone,

First of all, we hope that the enchanting Energiesprong Advent Calendar has arrived safely (and in 1 piece) at your home address. You were allowed to open the boxes from December 1st and we count on you that you will not cheat and that you will let yourself be surprised every day.

Today, December 3rd, we have a scoop for you. We want to introduce something special. Something the entire Comms team has been working hard on for a while: the Branding Portal. 

This Branding Portal shows the entire visual identity of Energiesprong. It is an online platform which makes the accessibility for everyone enormous. It tells our Brand Story, you will find all elements here (icons, logos, presentations), learn how (and how not) to work with the visual identity, impresses you with the showcase and you will find all our social media channels.

Super easy for ourselves. The sharper we use our visual identity, the clearer and stronger our communication is. But this Branding Portal is also an enormous added value for partner organisations and the press because everyone can use it. Open source yet again. 

That is why, we hereby cordially invite you to follow this link and click around in our joint Branding Portal >

Tip: view the Branding Portal on your computer and do not use your phone (it is not suitable for this).

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