Construction companies presented complete solutions for the NetZero standard at Net Zero Now!

16 March 2020

5 March, Berlin: The market development for serial NetZero renovation solutions has entered the next phase: The four construction companies BAM Group, B&O Group, ecoworks and Renolution have developed complete solutions with which they can renovate apartment buildings from the 1950s to the 1970s to a NetZero standard, following the Energiesprong principle. This means that the buildings generate as much annual energy as they need for heating, hot water and electricity. The solutions were presented to a specialist audience on 5 March 2020 at the event “NetZero Now. For climate-friendly and affordable living”. With the addition of the Fischbach Group, another construction company is also now working intensively on the next complete solution.

“The high demand from the housing industry naturally gives rise to the development of these future-proof renovation solutions, which already meet the 2050 standard,” said Uwe Bigalke, Team Leader for serial renovation Energiesprong at Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (Dena). “We currently have around 17,000 apartments that are to be renovated using the Energiesprong approach over the next four years. That is around 5,000 more than announced in the Volume Deal last November – and there may be more”, he continued.

Common development of standards

The new renovation solutions were developed as part of the Energiesprong Initiative’s Accelerator Programme, which is coordinated by Dena and supported by the EU-funded Interreg NWE “Mustbe0” project. The construction companies were coached by a market development team and international Energiesprong experts. Through workshops and in close collaboration with housing companies, they have developed their products further into scalable and cost-effective renovation solutions with which apartment buildings can quickly and easily reach a NetZero standard. The exchange with the housing companies will continue beyond the programme in order to develop common standards for the future market of serial renovation.

Volume Deal

On 26 November 2019, the Volume Deal, a joint declaration of intent by the housing and construction industries, made the first breakthrough in terms of the market development of serial renovation solutions in Germany. In the Deal, 22 housing companies will pool together their demand and provide 11,635 apartments for serial renovation over the next four years.

Net Zero Now!

Further impressions and information about the event Net Zero Now! can also be found at On the site, you can also download the short versions of the NetZero renovation concepts from the construction companies BAM Group, B&O Group, ecoworks, Renolution and further information on what motivates the Fischbach Group.

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