Creating a market for net zero multi-storey buildings

02 November 2023

The Mustbe0 project funded by Interreg North-West Europe started in 2019, bringing together market development teams from four countries to kick-start a market for net zero multi-storey buildings.

The ambitious project has been one of the largest in the Interreg NWE programme’s portfolio, with 11 demonstrator retrofit projects in the UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands aiming to create affordable, comfortable, long-term performance guaranteed zero carbon buildings.

VilogiaRoubaix, FranceApartment with 32 dwellings
Notre LogisHalluin, France1960s social housing apartment with 70 dwellings
Anne Godeau schoolRaismes, France1960s primary school
VonoviaBochum, Germany3-storey building, 24 apartments
VBWBochum, Germany7 multi-family-houses, 3/4 floors, 51 apartments
WGAVGermany2 multi-family-houses, 4 floors, 16 apartments
Arsago (Hameln)Germany2-storey 1930s building with 12 dwellings
HerfordGermany4 multi-family buildings built in 1957, 3 floors, 24 apartments
WoonmeijNetherlands3-storey apartment with 30 dwellings
WoonmeijNetherlands2-storey apartment with 36 dwellings
Treadgold HouseUnited Kingdom5-storey apartment block of 38 flats

As the project draws to a close, here’s a summary of all it has achieved as well as the challenges it has faced, and the valuable lessons learned along the way.


Long-term benefits and lessons learned

Despite facing many challenges – the Covid pandemic, Brexit, and the war in Ukraine – which have had an impact on material and transportation costs and caused delays, the Mustbe0 project has created warm and desirable places to live (or go to school in!) that are future proofed and will leave a legacy for more deep retrofits in the future.

Moreover, it is estimated that the total energy savings from the project will be 1,320 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Thank you to all partners involved in the Mustbe0 project, everyone is incredibly proud of what has been achieved. And thank you to Interreg NWE for initiating and funding the project and for all your support.

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