Energiesprong approach applied to school buildings

04 October 2023

After its success in the housing sector, the Energiesprong approach shows that it is also relevant as a highly efficient energy retrofit method for school buildings.

the Anne Godeau school in Raismes

In 2022 and 2023, the Georges Rascol school in Saint-Jean-de-Védas (Occitanie), and the Anne Godeau school in Raismes (Hauts-de-France), were completely retrofitted in record time.

These retrofits, which were specifically implemented without moving students out of their schools, have enabled:

These projects have also been a great educational opportunity to raise awareness among students and teachers about energy and environmental issues and to make them committed actors  to the ecological transformation.

Further zero-energy retrofit projects of school and university buildings will be launched throughout France. These have begun recently and should be completed by the end of 2025.

The aim is to make them the first large-scale serial projects as they form part of a replicable retrofit approach. These projects will make it possible to undertake energy retrofits at scale and to gradually reduce costs.

Feedback from these projects will be used to improve the approach in order to scale-up full energy-efficient retrofits of educational buildings implemented over a short timescale on a large scale.

What could be more necessary than to give our children the opportunity to see and experience for themselves today that which will have to become the norm by 2050: buildings whose energy performance aligns with France’s  ambition to achieve carbon neutrality.

To find out more about these retrofit projects and the challenges of applying the Energiesprong approach to school buildings, please visit:


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