Energiesprong Germany kicks off!

03 May 2017

April 2017 marked the launch of the Energiesprong scaling into Germany. Based on results in The Netherlands, the Ministry of Energy in Germany (BMWI) has allocated budget to fund a market development team for the coming three years.

The German energy agency dena is managing Energiesprong in Germany and will host the market development team. dena is Germany’s center of expertise for energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and intelligent energy systems.

Currently, a team is being set up to run the initiative. Meanwhile the program has engaged housing organisations and solution developers interested in co-developing super energy efficient refurbishments (and new built solutions) with guaranteed performance. The Energiesprong International team is providing support to the project by sharing knowledge, helping to set up the team and co-developing the strategy for the German context.

Join the project!
As we are currently looking for talented, self-starting individuals that are willing and able to drive change: reach out if you would be involved. Send an email to bigalke@dena.de.

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