Energiesprong is growing in France! 64 stakeholders are now committed to retrofit 6,550 houses

12 October 2018

A second wave of stakeholders have signed a charter to support the Energiesprong programme in France. 64 organisations signed the collective agreement on 9th October during the 79th Congress of the USH (Social Housing Union). The charter favours the large-scale roll out of net zero energy retrofit in social housing.

Energiesprong, a new standard for guaranteed net zero energy use, high comfort and a smooth implementation process, originated in the Netherlands and is now growing to be a worldwide movement with France being a successful frontrunner.

2 pilots delivered, 2 pilots procured, 2 others at the procurement stage

Transition Zero, a project funded by the European Horizon 2020 programme, has supported the adaptation of the Energiesprong approach to France and the UK for the last 2.5 years. In France in 2018 2 pilots were delivered, 2 pilots were procured, and 2 others are at the procurement stage. The two completed pilots, led by Vilogia in Hem and ICF Habitat Nord Est in Longueau (both in the north of France), were co-financed by the European E=0 project which is part of the Interreg NWE programme.

14 social housing associations, 37 solutions providers and 13 facilitators

The charter initiative will help build a bigger market for high quality affordable net zero energy retrofits. Greater demand for retrofits will, in turn, drive down the costs involved. The process in France started with the first two pilots. Volume roll out will also help accelerate progress towards strategic government targets. These include plans to combat climate change, renovate older homes and eradicate fuel poverty within 10 years in France

In this context, 14 social housing associations, 37 solutions providers and 13 facilitators have come together to encourage regional adoption of the Energiesprong approach:

These are stakeholders that signed the charter as of 9 October 2018

Social Housing Providers:

Cristal Habitat (300 dwellings); Domaxis (100 dwellings); Est-Métropole Habitat (2000 dwellings); ICF Habitat (250 dwellings); Maine et Loire Habitat (500 dwellings); Néotoa (500 dwellings); Our Logis (200 dwellings); OPAC 38 (30 dwellings); Podeliha 3F (50 dwellings); Pluralis Habitat (50 dwellings); Vilogia (500 dwellings); SACVL (20 dwellings); Logi-fim (50 dwellings); a group of HLM organizations under the aegis of the USH Pays de la Loire (feasibility study underway on more than 2000 housing units)

Solution Providers:

A003; Accorus; Agency Architecture Pelegrin; Alterea; Axoe; Bouygues Construction; Colas; Dalkia; Deltadore; Demathieu Bard; Eiffage; Elithis; Emenda; Enertech; Engie Cofely; GESEC; Insitu @; Integral Wood System; Kingspan; Léon Grosse; Lexity; LLC; Master Cube; Myral; Nortec; Operene; Patch; Pouget consultants; Pouchain; Rabot-Dutilleul Construction; SMC; Sybois; Symoé; STO; Techniwood; Life-to-B; Vinci Construction France


ADEME; ARRA; EnergieSprong Foundation; GreenFlex; Offsite ; Housing Europe; ENEDIS; GRDF; Social Housing Union; Sustainable Building Plan; Energy Fibers Pole; Promodul; USH Pays de la Loire

Do you want to sign the charter as well?

The Energiesprong movement is open to all. Do not hesitate to contact the French Market Development Team if the project interests you and if you want to become a signatory of the charter. Send an email to energiesprong@greenflex.com

This charter of commitment was realized within the framework Transition Zero funded by the European Union.

Download the charter at http://www.energiesprong.fr/

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