Exciting projects: Global Alliance

30 May 2023

With the Global Alliance focusing on more than energy transition alone, we are thrilled to introduce you to some of our new projects. We’ve got our teeth into the new Interreg NWE project ‘Circular Reno’, where we’ll develop biobased & recycled / reused material solutions for retrofits. The focus will be on delivering 4 scalable biobased deep energy retrofit packages for both social and individual housing on 4 sites (in total 88 homes), using a range of biobased solutions, experimenting with the different biobased materials (straw, wood, etc.) that grow in various countries.

Furthermore, two new LIFE projects will also start in summer: Street HP Reno and Cosme Reno. In short, Cosme Reno will focus on developing new cooperation models for SMEs to scale up deep energy efficient retrofits. Street HP Reno aims to develop a street-wide approach for housing to collectively switch over energy systems to heat pump packaged modules.

There will definitely be more to come on these projects!

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