Remember this award-winning project from 2016 in Groningen?

17 March 2021

Let us take you back to this net zero energy renovation concept for stacked construction by Dura Vermeer that has won the Sustainable Building Award.

Commissioned by housing organisation Lefier, Dura Vermeer in Groningen has renovated two blocks of terraced houses from the 1960s to net zero energy: 24 homes on the Voermanstraat and 24 homes on the Pleiadenlaan. They are the first apartment buildings houses in the Netherlands that have been improved in this way. A unique project!

More comfortable living conditions for the same money

The tenants now live in a sustainable, comfortable, well-insulated house. A big advantage is that the housing costs do not increase with constant use. From now on, the amount that the tenant normally spends on energy consumption will be paid partly to the housing association and partly to his energy supplier. Partly because of this, Lefier can pay for such a major renovation on the house.

Home interventions

A large number of measures have been taken to make the homes energy neutral. The most drastic thing is that the house is completely “wrapped up”. This means that a completely new front and rear facade has been placed in front of the existing facade. These new facade elements are fully equipped with wooden frames and brick slips. There is triple glazing in the frames. To bear the weight of the extra facade, new foundation beams have been installed around the entire complex. The balcony at the rear of the house has been closed to create an interior balcony. New, insulated roof plates, fitted with solar panels, have been installed on the roof. A new entrance patio with mailbox and awning has also been installed. Since the renovation, the houses no longer have a gas connection. Solar panels provide the energy.

Most important elements:


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