Hello, Global Energiesprong Alliance!

24 November 2022

Energiesprong has a new name: Global Energiesprong Alliance. Don’t worry, we are still building for tomorrow, free of the compromise of today, but we’re also making sure we can keep living on this shared home we call earth and make it future-proof. We’ll never stop supporting markets for energy transition, but we are also looking beyond that. Our ambition is to push the development of energy positive materials, to inspire the personal and business development needed for change and to drive forward and map the right regulations and financing schemes needed for these changes. And more than ever, we are working together as an alliance in Europe and beyond.

Let’s expand on this a little bit…

The Global Energiesprong Alliance (GEA) will focus on more challenges than before. Widening the scope of our work from the energy in buildings to thinking about living itself. This opens the door to other aspects of life such as safety, loneliness, proximity to infrastructure and service environment, e.g. access to medical care. Or in other words questions like: How does my living space affect my health and personal development? Is the quality of the environment conducive to my good health? What requirements regarding noise, air quality and safety have been considered? And do I have access to transport and meeting places in my neighborhood?

Creating a sustainable society also means thinking about the resources we use to create these living spaces. We’ve exhausted our resources, so we need to capture and store carbon by using natural materials for efficient buildings to slow down climate change. To leave a livable earth for future generations, it is essential to return CO2 in the atmosphere to the carbon cycle and store it in building materials such as wood and straw for a longer period.

Changing how we are used to living and working requires a culture where people are allowed to try things out and where failure is seen as a step on the road to success. This requires companies with an open culture in which personal development is encouraged and embraced. Inspiring projects are needed to support these kinds of cultural developments.

Appropriate regulations and rules that facilitate necessary changes are needed at national, but also at EU and global level. Of course, we also need these laws and regulations to adjust our financing mechanisms so that climate-affecting investments can be made on a larger scale.

Cool, so what to expect?

The Global Energiesprong Alliance is the movement that wants to provide an answer to the question of: how do we want to live together in the future and how can we shape this social coexistence in a sustainable way? It builds and expands on the Energiesprong movement. We are a collective movement that connects people from different backgrounds and nationalities in an open-source spirit. Keep an eye out for more exciting new – and slightly different – projects.

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