Incubator Factory Zero launch a new smart version of their energy module

23 May 2018

Last month Factory Zero launched their new iCEM-i – a smart compact energy module that is integrated in the roof. It´s easy to install, small (less than 1m2) and reduces noise nuisance. Factory Zero continually improves and develops smart energy products. No wonder the demand for their products is rising every day. Founded in 2016 they sold 8 modules in 2017, 350 in 2018 and at present forecast sales of 1,500 modules for 2019. The Factory Zero start-up has been established under the Interreg NWE project E=0 and continually improves and develops smart energy products.

Factory Zero is a Dutch based incubator that focuses entirely on the development of components for high energy efficient retrofits and new builds. Their smart modules, such as the energy module, make it easy for construction companies to transition to high energy efficient concepts like net zero energy.

Smart, small and easy to fit

The recently launched new iCEM (Integrated Climate and Energy Module) is not even one metre square and easy to install. The energy module provides a house with a comfortable indoor climate (heating and cooling) and hot water. The module can also be delivered with solar panels for the roof, and all the energy performances are real time monitored. The model fits any existing or new build low-rise dwelling. In the case of new build homes, the installation would not use more power than a coffee machine, even on cold winter days. Another great advantage of this module is that it is integrated in the roof, and this reduces noise to a minimum.

Currently 150 modules are placed and many more are to come

The kind of products which Factory Zero make pushes forward a building industry that builds highly energy efficient prefabricated house and retrofits. The investment in development is shared with their partners, who are large companies such as Mitsubishi, Brink, Ubbink, BASF and ABB. In this way they are able to offer their products at the most competitive price available on the market. It comes as no surprise that demand for their products is rising every day. Their modules and products have already found their way into 150 homes in the Netherlands and another 1,500 are on order.

Made possible by Interreg NWE

Factory Zero participates in the Interreg NWE project E=0. A driving focus of this project regarding the Netherlands is for homeowner associations to find a solid financial construction for NZE refurbishments with a duration of 25 to 30 years. The other main focus of the NWE interreg project E=0 has been to create the start-up and incubator Factory Zero. Factory Zero works in close cooperation with innovative players in the building supply industry to develop, produce and deliver smart, complete Net Zero Energy systems. Industrial scale solutions, innovation and smart thinking are necessary to get the costs for Net Zero Energy refurbishments down whilst bringing the quality up. Factory Zero is the first start-up that has successfully built an installation module that is not only smaller, better and smarter, it’s also cheaper and it looks great.

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