Inspiring ideas and exciting visions in the MustBe0 Design Competition UK

02 November 2020

The aim of the MustBe0 Design Competition, launched last November by Energiesprong UK, was to develop new approaches for high-performance, scalable and cost-effective net zero retrofit solutions focused on apartment blocks. The Design Competition has been a fruitful process and shows fantastic progress, resulting in 6 winning teams who presented their concept designs at Futurebuild in London, March 2020. 

During this event, our partner IET (who were keen to document the whole process through video) interviewed presenters to learn more about the aims of the competition, the purpose, challenges and intentions. They also had the opportunity to speak with 5 of the 6 consortia winners. Click here to meet the winners and hear about their inspiring ideas!

The concept designs and solutions you’ll hear about in the videos are divided into the 3 categories which the Design Competition focussed on: Build Up, which includes adding a layer of new dwellings on top of existing flats while ensuring whole building net zero energy, Net zero energy for low rise apartments (< 4 stories) and billing, metering and monitoring.

The Design Competition doesn’t stop there. Energiesprong UK continues to support the winners in developing the market in a way which allows their great ideas to become reality. IET will continue to film the whole process so keep an eye out for the more in-depth documentary!

Emily Braham from Energiesprong UK says “It was fantastic to see these top players develop themselves and their ideas in this competition. They all had to deal with specific challenges, and I’m really excited by the innovative ideas they have come up with. I have confidence that we will see some of the designs put into practice.”

The Design Competition is supported by the European project NWE834 MustBe0, Multi Storey Building Energy = 0, funded by the Interreg NWE Programme through the European Regional Development Fund.

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