Launch of a joint initiative: an Energiesprong project to retrofit 1,000 dwellings in the Hauts-de-France

Once again, the Hauts-de-France region is demonstrating its commitment to the Energiesprong approach.  

On Friday 18th June 2021, for the second time since the Energiesprong approach was first deployed in France, a group of housing associations confirmed the launch of a joint procurement of guaranteed zero energy retrofits.

The project, initiated in the Hauts-de-France region and coordinated by Vilogia, the regional social landlord, brings together 7 housing associations. The Group’s 22 operations have been distributed among the housing associations in 7 lots (1 per housing organisation), with this process resulting in 7 Global Performance Contracts being signed.

The joint procurement fits perfectly with Energiesprong’s objectives to increase volumes and industrialise retrofit processes. The 100,000 suitable housing units in the region represent a significant opportunity for the Energiesprong approach.

The project will contribute toward developing an approach which aims to safeguard tenants against increasing energy costs, protect them from fuel poverty, continue the social purpose of the HLM housing stock through a long-term performance guarantee, and will give the housing a new life cycle and restore its appeal.

By employing a joint initiative, the Group will generate the volumes needed to industrialise processes, lower the costs of retrofitting work and improve maintenance. All different types of companies, from SMEs to large companies, are invited to tender for one or several of these contracts.

Planned schedule for the GiréØ initiative:

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