Launch of Season 2 of Energiesprong France’s Innovation Competition

10 March 2021

After a successful first season in 2020, on 11 March 2021 the Energiesprong France team are launching the second season of their Innovation Competition, co-financed by the CEE Energiesprong France project.

The objective: to support the development of innovative solutions, which are cheaper in terms of overall costs, in order to democratise access to guaranteed net zero energy retrofits.

Energiesprong: an approach which aims to scale-up guaranteed net zero energy retrofits. 
Energiesprong has been implemented in France for just over 5 years by GreenFlex. The Energiesprong approach aims to speed up the development of guaranteed net zero energy retrofits using pre-fabricated and industrialised elements. 

Energiesprong France implemented three successful pilot projects in regions across France in 2018-2019 and plans to extend the programme further with the retrofitting of 4,000 dwellings owned by social housing providers using the Energiesprong approach (from the planning phase right up to the construction phase). Several other projects are currently under consideration and Energiesprong renovation projects involving educational buildings are currently being developed.

A competition open to all 
Energiesprong’s Season 1 Innovation Competition aimed to develop innovative solutions in the 3 broad categories of solutions which were essential to industrialising and accelerating guaranteed net zero energy renovation (individual houses AND multi-unit apartment buildings):  

Season 2 aims to support the development of other types of solutions, but still with a view to accelerating the scaling-up of guaranteed net zero renovations: 

We are confident that multi-disciplinary teams, which integrate a variety of complementary skills, will be able to develop the solutions needed. 

Note: If you missed, or simply want to review or share, the results of the Season 1 Innovation Competition and (re)discover the different winners announced at the Innovation Forum in September 2020, please click HERE. 

Launch programme and how to participate  
Join us on Thursday 11 March, 9:00-12:00, for the launch of the 2nd Innovation Competition (webinar format). To participate, you need to register using the following link:  REGISTRATION LINK(After registering, you will receive an automatic reply by email with the webinar link. Please note that places are limited).

The launch programme: 

For those who cannot attend or who are too late to register, the practical arrangements will be published on the day after the event.

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