Participants in the Accelerator Programme Germany announced

10 January 2020

The Energiesprong Initiative’s Accelerator Programme, coordinated by the German Energy Agency (Dena), has selected 20 companies to participate in the programme. Dena is supporting these pioneering companies to further develop existing approaches to high-performance, scalable and cost-effective renovation solutions, which will result in apartment buildings quickly and easily reaching a Net Zero Standard. This means that, on average, the buildings will generate as much energy as they need for hot water, electricity and heating. Over the next four years, the programme intends to meet the demand from housing companies for new, serial renovation solutions for the 10,000 plus apartments agreed on in November. The Accelerator Programme is part-funded by the EU’s Interreg NWE “Mustbe0” project.

Four construction companies were selected: Ecoworks, the BAM Group, Renolution BV from Haaksbergen in the Netherlands and the B&O Group. In addition, 16 companies supplying the prefabricated façades, the solar roof elements and the building services modules were included in the programme: AHA Mitsubishi, CTC Giersch, Daikin – Rotex, Drexel and Weiss, Kingspan, Luftgut, NFG, Opitz Holzbau, Panasonic, Plandach, Pluggit, Rheinzink ,, Sieveke, Stegimondo and Sto.

Issuing a wildcard to another construction company

The participating companies will be trained by Energiesprong’s international experts and will take part in workshops to further develop their products. In addition, another construction company or start-up wishing to enter the serial renovation market as a complete solution provider can participate in the programme with a wildcard. The solution to be developed as part of the programme must be scalable, able to be standardised, offer cost-cutting potential with increasing quantities, tenant-friendly, and must guarantee a long-term net zero standard. As with the other complete solution providers, the wildcard also includes financial support of 36,000 Euros. Interested parties should contact by 31 January 2020.

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