The power of collective heat pump purchasing

17 April 2024

The Energiesprong Global Alliance is launching a new project with our European partners: Street HP Reno. The project aims to make heat pumps cheaper for private individuals by purchasing them jointly and facilitating the purchasing process. The reason to focus on heat pumps instead of fuel boilers and electric radiators is because of the problems the latter two bring on the long term. The switch to heat pumps is an important step in the energy transition and in achieving the Paris climate goals. The project involves collaborating with municipalities which support private individuals in their local areas to adopt this collective approach. The project will run from 2023 to 2026 and will be tested in France, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands.

In residential buildings in the EU, heat used for heating and water production still represents 80% of energy consumption. Most of the energy used is still fossil-based: 35% gas, 12% fuel oil, 3% coal and 43% electricity, which is on average 37% fossil based (coal and gas). To achieve the climate goals, this must change drastically. Switching from gas or fuel boilers or electric radiators to heat pumps is an important step in the process.

Creating benefits through collaboration

To make it attractive for private individuals to switch to a heat pump, purchasing a heat pump must be made easier, and the price of a heat pump must come down. This project collaborates with municipalities to find homeowners who want to jointly switch to a heat pump. In addition, we are working with heat pump suppliers to develop a more attractive product that is easier to purchase and that combines other technological advantages. A energy module where multiple energy systems are included and installed in one go. This complete module will decrease costs and ensure the delivery. To realise this the heat pump suppliers and installers get trained.

Feedback and testing phase

Through presentations, training sessions and demonstrations, feedback from the homeowners involved in the project will be actively sought. The feedback will be gathered when the first heat pump is jointly purchased, which will take place in France. If this approach is successful, it will be rolled out to the other participating European countries.

This project will be implemented with partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Italy. It will run from 2023 to 2026.

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