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The Energiesprong Christmas Assignment

Are you enjoying your Advent time? Today, we have a small, but fun and simple, assignment for you.

A few days ago, we introduced you to the Energiesprong Branding Portal. We hope you’ve found the time to look around there and noticed the Showcase. Here, you see different materials and tools that have been used to showcase our brand. With Christmas coming up, we’d like to invite you to create an Energiesprong Christmas gadget yourself, to present, and show off, to your Energiesprong colleagues during our Christmas drinks. This could be a Christmas ball, a cup, socks, card, a hat etc., Be creative and have fun! 

Of course it’s just about inventing and designing a creative idea and not about realising the gadget itself. We made a little example for you to grasp the idea.

Please submit your Energiesprong Christmas gadget-concept by mail to before December 16.

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