Baden-Württemberg (DE) ready to start net zero energy projects thanks to local subsidy programme

14 March 2019

The Ministry of Environment, Climate and Energy Baden-Württemberg has launched a three million euros funding programme for energy renovation of residential buildings. The aim is to stimulate the high quality, energetic renovation of residential buildings with industrially prefabricated façade and roof elements. This matches Energiesprong perfectly.

Uwe Bigalke, team leader Energiesprong Germany at energy agency dena. “We are pleased that Baden-Württemberg is setting new standards here and, with the support programme, is creating important momentum for the market development of new retrofit processes such as the Energiesprong approach.”

As with every country where Energiesprong is active, the development costs for the first projects of this kind are relatively high. Therefore funding is key to helping solution providers innovate and to support housing companies to establish new processes and develop projects for procurement. This gets the ball rolling.

“In order to get closer to the goal of a climate-neutral building stock by 2050, we need to raise the rehabilitation rate in the country from around one percent to more than two percent, while achieving the highest possible energy efficiency standards,” says Untersteller, Minister of the Environment of Baden-Württemberg. “With our new funding program, we want to encourage the high quality renovation of residential buildings with industrially prefabricated façade and roof elements. Such a serial refurbishment could significantly reduce construction times and thus give energetic renovation the necessary momentum,” explains Unstersteller.

Information event on April 2nd

At the information event organized by the State of Baden-Württemberg on April 2nd in Stuttgart, Uwe Bigalke, Team Leader of Energiesprong Germany, will introduce the principle and the experiences in Germany and Europe. In addition, practical approaches of an Energiesprong renovation will be presented.  

More information about the programme and a link to register on

The “Serielle Sanierung” funding programme is aimed at all those involved in investment measures such as housing companies, housing cooperatives, condominium associations, owners or operators of dormitories/halls of residence, property developers, private individuals, corporations and public law institutions as well as contracting providers. The residential buildings to be renovated must be in Baden-Württemberg (South of Germany).

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