Energiesprong is recruiting!

26 June 2023

Role profile: Strategic communication & experience marketing agency

Reports to: Energiesprong Alliance board

Location: Flexible (option for home-based working)
Role may require occasional international travel (mainly IE, NL, FR, BE, DE)‍

Circular Reno – Interreg NWE
The Energiesprong Global Alliance seeks an external agency to support the organisation and coordination of communication, community building and experience marketing initially for the Interreg NWE funded project: Circular Reno. The role may be expanded in case additional (EU) funding will be secured in the course of this contract.

Circular Reno focuses on setting up Bio-based chains. The project wants to accelerate the use of bio-raw materials in construction, so that the climate goals and circular goals can be achieved.

The communication deliverables for Circular Reno are described and must be delivered according to the schedule in the project plan.  The core element of this role will include:

Communication and social media

Experience marketing and events

The party or person will provide strategic and substantive support to the Energiesprong team in the market development of serial renovation solutions according to the Energiesprong principle and by bringing in experiences from other countries with comparable activities with a focus on Europe. The contractor must also represent the Energiesprong market development team at companies.

Duration of the project
The project starts in July 2023 and ends in June 2026.

Application and selection criteria
This tender runs from 26 June to 4 July. You can send your entry to sebastien@energiesprong.org. The agency will be chosen on July 5 and the assignment will start on July 6. View the selection document for the information required for the award.

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