Energiesprong wins European Commission’s award for most innovative project

18 June 2019

Brussels, 18 June.  The EU Sustainable Energy Awards recognise outstanding innovation in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Out of hundreds of projects, the Interreg E=0and Horizon2020 Transition Zeroprojects, executed by Energiesprong market development teams in the UK, France and the Netherlands, won the 2019 award for most innovative project.

Ron van Erck, Head of International Market Development at Energiesprong Foundation: “It’s a great moment to realise how much momentum we have been able to create with literally hundreds of people that have come together in five European countries now, all driving a new approach for retrofitting buildings. One that is desirable for people, one that uses the modern technologies available to us and one that really solves the issues that need solving instead of marginally improving on them.”

Affordable and attractive home upgrades

The two European projects have allowed Energiesprong market development teams to create markets for affordable and attractive net zero energy retrofits. After such a retrofit each home produces enough energy for its heating, hot water and appliances. Money saved on energy bills and maintenance pays for the improvement.

Highly insulated walls, roofs with integrated solar panels and other large components are made off-site, which allows whole-house retrofits to be done quickly and with minimum disruption to tenants. Real-life performance for energy use and indoor comfort is guaranteed for up to 30 years.

“Before our upgrades, homes were not as energy efficient as they should have been and residents were daunted by complicated internal wall insulation. Plus, they did not want builders in their homes for weeks. Our solution overcame all of their concerns and made the whole process manageable,” said Sébastien Delpont, Director of the Energiesprong market development team in France. 

After the retrofit the house is comfortable and looks good. “It was really cold, but now when you come home there is no need to turn on the heater. It´s much more comfortable when you come home,” says tenant Amelie Goblas in the documentary E=0 transforming homes into the future.

On top of that, houses are healthier because they are free of mould and draughts. These radical makeovers can uplift whole neighbourhoods. 

Transforming housing across Europe and beyond

The Energiesprong approach aims to create a new industry making these high performance, desirable and affordable retrofits. After the Netherlands, Energiesprong selected France, the UK, Germany and Northern Italy as initial markets to to create demand for volume retrofits and a supply chain to service them. A set of teams in North America is driving a similar initiative there. 

All is facilitated by independent Energiesprong market development teams that intervene in the market by creating demand for this standard. We work with regulators to tune policy, regulation and with banks to create financial arrangements to make a viable path to scale. By brokering large volume deals, we create the momentum needed for stakeholders to act simultaneously. This creates a viable market to entice suppliers to invest in digital off-site manufacturing. Mass customisation and industrialisation are the key.

The initial concept was born in the Netherlands, where 5,000 homes have successfully been retrofitted to date. In France 26 retrofits are realised while 6,550 retrofits are planned, in the UK 15 demonstrators are complete of 186 retrofits confirmed to date.

After a successful start bringing the Energiesprong approach to single family homes across Europe, the coming three years will see Energiesprong also develop a market for retrofitting apartment buildings in North West Europe under a recently started project: Mustbe0, funded by Interreg NWE. The teams in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands will join forces.

Energiesprong a worldwide movement

Energiesprong is an award-winning* revolutionary, whole house refurbishment and new built standard and funding approach. We are active in Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, New York State, and the UK. Cities across the world recognise the Energiesprong opportunity. 

*In 2018 Energiesprong won the World Green Building Council awardand Nottingham’s Energiesprong homes won the UK Housing Awardand Shift Award. And today 2019 Energiesprong´s E=0 and Transition Zero projects won the EU Sustainable Energy Award. 

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