Energiesprong finalist for two major awards

05 June 2019

Energiesprong is a finalist at two prestigious Awards events this summer: the Ashden Awards in London and the EU Sustainable Energy Week Awards in Brussels. At these high profile events Energiesprong will go head to head with other innovative initiatives working to improve lives and the environment.

Ashden seeks the best in sustainable buildings

Energiesprong, a revolutionary, whole house refurbishment and new build standard, transforms poorly insulated and draughty homes into warm, comfortable, net zero energy homes, for life. This has not gone unnoticed. Within the UK the Institute of Engineering and Technology and Green Alliance are pointing to Energiesprong as a viable solution for the refurbishment of older, carbon intensive, hard to heat housing. Now Ashden is highlighting Energiesprong as a way forward too. 

Ashden believes that “retrofitting buildings is one the best ways to reduce carbon emissions quickly”. In the hunt for 2019 Ashden Award winners, Ashden assessors considered 100s of projects driving net zero emissions across the globe. On 3 July Ashden will celebrate just 10 winners as part of London Climate Action Week. Energiesprong is confirmed as a finalist in the Awards’ UK Sustainable Buildings category. Read more 

EU Sustainable Energy Awards prize innovation

Energiesprong is also a finalist for the EU Sustainable Energy Awards which recognise outstanding innovation in energy efficiency and renewables. 12 finalists have been chosen from a shortlist of the year’s most innovative projects for clean, secure and efficient energy. The winner will be decided by an expert jury and a public vote, culminating in an Awards Ceremony in Brussels on 18 June. You can still vote!

A market for net zero energy retrofit in Europe

Energiesprong teams have been busy building demand for net zero energy retrofit amongst social housing providers in Europe in the UK and France. The French team have nurtured a collective agreement between 64 organisations to support the renovation of 6550 homes. In the UK, the rollout of Energiesprong retrofit to 155 homes is already underway in Nottingham.

Two EU-funded projects have supported this. The Horizon 2020 Transition Zero project supported the creation of local demand for Energiesprong, starting with the social housing sector. The E=0 project, supported by Interreg NWE, has for example enabled Energiesprong retrofit pilots in the UK and France and a third funded project has been confirmed. Mustbe0, also funded by Interreg NWE, will pilot net zero energy makeovers of multi-storey apartment buildings in North West Europe.

Aggregating additional demand, improving regulation and financing to structurally enable net zero energy retrofits creates more market volume and drives the supply chain to industrially produce cheaper and better retrofits which kick-starts a self-sustaining market. 

Because everybody deserves a desirable, comfortable and affordable home. 

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