Huffington Post: B.C. Canada needs bold action to make homes energy efficient, Energiesprong is an exciting solution.

26 October 2018

Betsy Agar writes in the Huffington Post that action in British Columbia (Canada) is needed to make homes and buildings energy efficient and names Energiesprong as an exciting solution.

Agar in the Huffington Post: “The good news is the benefits of healthier, less polluting homes and workplaces can be realized in both new and old buildings. There’s no time to waste: making our homes and buildings energy-efficient, healthy, safe, and affordable should be the next megaproject for B.C.” Betsy Agar, Huffington Post October 10th.

The idea is catching on

“One exciting solution is the Energiesprong model. Originated in the Netherlands, Energiesprong takes an aggregated approach to housing upgrades and turns the problem of inefficient buildings on its head. The combination of drafty old buildings and the responsibility to meet climate targets is core to the market opportunity targeted by Energiesprong, and the idea is catching on.” Betsy Agar, Huffington Post October 10th.

We also learn from her article that “North American buildings are designed with 50-year lifespans in mind, and many of their components need to be replaced every 20 years. To make good on its climate goals, B.C. must reduce carbon pollution from buildings by 50 to 60 per cent below 2007 levels by 2030. Layer on concerns about seismic resilience, affordable housing, and community character, and it’s evident a market-scale overhaul of the existing building stock should be at the top of B.C.’s priority list.” Betsy Agar, Huffington Post October 10th.

Energiesprong stimulates innovation

Betsy Agar concludes her article to say that the Energiesprong approach offers a opportunity to do so: “Capable of delivering rapid market transformation, the Energiesprong approach to retrofits offers a key opportunity to get B.C. back on track to its climate targets while reaping the benefits of healthier homes and green jobs. Energiesprong stimulates innovation, scales up implementation, and incubates local supplier and labour markets. We can lower our energy consumption while diversifying our economy and cornering an emerging market.

This is a prime example of the bold action we need to see in this fall’s B.C. clean growth strategy. Making our homes and buildings resilient is a megaproject all British Columbians can get behind.” Betsy Agar, Huffington Post October 10th

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