New York: Six design contracts for High Performance Retrofit Solutions

05 July 2018

NYSERDA, the organisation that hosts an Energiesprong programme under the name RetrofitNY, announces first contract awards for $30 Million RetrofitNY Initiative. This is a first-of-its-kind energy efficiency program in the U.S. The six winning teams design retrofit solutions for affordable multi-family buildings that achieve or approach near net zero energy.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced six design contracts have been awarded to solution provider teams under RetrofitNY’s High-Performance Retrofit Solutions pilot program. The contracts are the initial step for RetrofitNY, a first-of-its-kind program in the U.S. launched earlier this year by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. The program is intended to create standardized, scalable deep energy-efficient retrofit solutions that can be replicated throughout the entire housing industry and support Governor Cuomo’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030.

Creating scalable energy efficiency solutions for New York’s building stock

Alicia Barton, NYSERDA President and CEO said, “RetrofitNY capitalizes on the expertise of building owners and designers for identifying and creating scalable energy efficiency solutions for New York’s building stock that will reduce energy costs and improve the quality of life for residents. Under Governor Cuomo’s clean energy economy, the state is creating opportunities for market-wide transformation and we are thrilled with the market response to the first phase of this innovative energy efficiency program.”

The energy efficient retrofit products designed through the RetrofitNY program will offer multi-family buildings cost-effective and efficient means for cutting emissions and reducing their residents’ energy costs while making their homes more comfortable.

The six announced contracts are the first step in a two-step competitive application process. Under this process, review committees qualified both solution-provider teams to design high-performance retrofit solutions and multifamily affordable housing buildings to receive the prototype retrofit designs.

Each solution-provider team was awarded $75,000 for the design phase of their project, which will last approximately six months. Designs are also required to exclude the use of fossil fuels onsite, and demonstrate that the designs are cost-effective, standardized, scalable and aesthetically pleasing.

The winners are

The winning contract teams are:

What is RetrofitNY?

RetrofitNY is a $30 million program funded over 10 years and made available through the State’s Clean Energy Fund. It intends to bring a substantial portion of New York’s affordable housing units to or near net-zero energy over the next decade. Net-zero energy buildings consume no more energy, on an annual basis, than they produce onsite through renewable energy technologies like solar panels or other distributed energy resources.

RetrofitNY is based on Energiesprong, which has brought over 5,000 units of affordable housing to net-zero energy with 20,000 more units in the pipeline.

The teams’ progress and more information about the RetrofitNY program can found at the NYSERDA website.

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