13 February 2019

Green Alliance champions the UK to ‘go Dutch’ with the Energiesprong Approach

Green Alliance, the UK’s leading environmental think tank and critical contributor to the shaping of UK environmental policy, has thrown […]

06 February 2019

30 year loans for Homeowner Associations in the Netherlands for high energy retrofits finally possible

As part of the Interreg project E=0, and for the last 3 years, MRDH (Metropolitan Region Rotterdam – The Hague) […]

22 January 2019

Companies’ partnership develops high quality net zero energy products

Seven companies have joined forces to develop new technologies for high quality, swift to install zero energy products with long […]

10 January 2019

‘The Economist’ on failure to reduce greenhouse emissions, Energiesprong named as a step towards the solution

“Many governments in the rich world want to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions from constructing and using buildings,” stated ‘The Economist’ in […]

08 January 2019

Nottingham is gearing up for the UK’s biggest rollout of Energiesprong homes in 2019

Nottingham City Council has secured over £5million through the European Regional Development Fund (2014-20) to roll out its Energiesprong, ultra-low […]

24 December 2018

E=0: Transforming Homes into the Future, the movie

 “It was really cold but now when you come home there is no need to turn on the heater,” says resident […]

14 December 2018

Vacancy Energiesprong Germany: Supply Side Support (closed)

To develop the supply side in Germany for Energiesprong solutions, including solution providers, and tier two supply chain, and to […]

04 December 2018

Innovation Day in Berlin advances German-French market development for Net Zero Energy

At the Energiesprong Innovation Day in Berlin on 16th November more than 80 front runners from German, French and Dutch […]

15 November 2018

Now available: detailed Energiesprong guide for Housing Associations in France

Energiesprong France has written a detailed guide for French social housing providers. This will help housing associations interested in the […]

30 October 2018

U.S.A. webinar for net zero energy retrofit mechanical systems on November 13th

On November 13th REALIZE, a collaborative effort led by Rocky Mountain Institute, will be hosting a webinar for mechanical system manufacturers. The webinar will […]

26 October 2018

Huffington Post: B.C. Canada needs bold action to make homes energy efficient, Energiesprong is an exciting solution.

Betsy Agar writes in the Huffington Post that action in British Columbia (Canada) is needed to make homes and buildings […]

24 October 2018

Challenge Day – the first stop on Germany’s Energiesprong Innovation Roadmap

The Challenge Day on September 20 was the official stop on Germany´s Energiesprong Innovation Roadmap. Four housing associations (VBW Bauen […]