The LIFE Street HP Reno project: Revolutionising residential heating

01 October 2023

Collective energy shift: street-level heat pump solutions

The LIFE Street HP Reno project champions a visionary approach to upgrading residential heating systems through the collective purchasing of heat pumps. This initiative aims to streamline the adoption of eco-friendly heat pumps on a neighbourhood scale, leveraging the collective bargaining power of entire streets. By aligning with local authorities, housing organisations and residents, the project seeks to highlight the benefits of this strategy, fostering a community-driven push towards sustainable heating solutions.

In the wake of global challenges and the pressing demand for an energy transition post-2022, the LIFE Street HP Reno initiative targets three pivotal areas: enhancing European energy independence by decreasing dependency on fossil fuels, stabilizing energy costs to alleviate fuel poverty and bolster businesses struggling with operational difficulties, and advancing decarbonization efforts to meet Europe’s rigorous greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the Fit for 55 Plan.

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The LIFE Street HP Reno project is at the forefront of fostering a sustainable and resilient energy future. By developing efficient solutions, creating effective procurement models, and employing persuasive strategies, the project aims to inspire mass adoption of heat pumps for residential heating, making a significant contribution to environmental goals and energy efficiency at the street level.

Project Project 101120015– LIFE22-CET-LIFE Street HP Reno
Project AcronymLife Street HP Reno
Project nameDeveloping street wide approach for housing for collective switch of energy systems to heat pumps packaged modules
Project duration36 months


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