Now available: detailed Energiesprong guide for Housing Associations in France

15 November 2018

Energiesprong France has written a detailed guide for French social housing providers. This will help housing associations interested in the Energiesprong approach with the implementation of zero energy long term guaranteed retrofits.

Energiesprong in France

The Energiesprong approach adapted in France is based on the following demanding specifications:

Keys steps of an Energiesprong retrofit

Given the ambitious specifications, the way of working is quite different from a regular retrofit. This document explains through the key steps of an Energiesprong retrofit; from understanding the approach and the feasibility study to the completion of the renovation and management of housing once renovated.

The guide aims to:

If you are interested in reading the guide (in French) go to the French website, submit your details and you will be able to download it.

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