E=0: Transforming Homes into the Future, the movie

24 December 2018

 “It was really cold but now when you come home there is no need to turn on the heater,” says resident Amélie Goblas from Longueau, France.

“They are in and out all the time, but eventually when it´s all done it´s well worth it. I´d recommend it to anybody,” says resident Joan Warburton from Nottingham, UK.

Some quotes from tenants whose homes the film crew visited.

E=0: Transforming Homes into the Future, is a documentary film project, funded by Interreg North West, that chronicles the efforts being made in the past 3 years, to establish a net zero energy housing ecosystem across Europe. It showcases various projects in France, the UK & the Netherlands and features both the passionate professionals involved and the residents who kindly granted the film crew access to their homes.

A growing movement

For the past 3 years, Energiesprong Market Development Teams across Europe have been working on the E=0 project. The unique retrofit & funding approach conceived in the Netherlands has proven itself successful. However, it has shown to be challenging to apply this to other EU countries, who have their own set of rules and barriers. Fortunately both France and the UK have managed to get the first demonstrators finished or work on-site is about to get started. Further rollout of the solution is agreed on in both countries. More homes will be retrofitted to E=0 standards in 2019 so the solution can be further developed.

The first energy module made by the Dutch Factory Zero has been developed and further developed within the E=0 programme to a smaller product that can easily be delivered by trucks on site and installed on rooftops. Melius Homes, one of the UK solution providers is further developing their prefabricated panels.

In the Netherlands net zero energy retrofits are now almost financeable for private homeowners as well and research has been done on multi-storey buildings.

The E=0 movement is growing in all countries, the industry is developing and tenants are happy! Now it´s time to upscale the solutions to the next level.

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