03 May 2018

International partner meeting Energiesprong E=0 and Transition Zero

At the 29th and 30th of May partners participating in European Energiesprong projects Interreg NWE E=0 and H2020 Transition Zero […]

19 March 2018

Energiesprong UK is hiring: Solution integrator E=0 retrofits (closed)

The current state of market, with first demonstration projects under development in UK and FR, is in need for more […]

08 March 2018

The first French Energiesprong retrofits are officially launched

On the 22nd of February around 200 people came to witness the placing of an E=0 facade over one of […]

10 January 2018

Special lease arrangement finances net zero energy in Westvoorne (NL)

Within Westvoorne, located in the south of the Netherlands a whole area is set to transition to net zero energy, […]

04 January 2018

Information day builds confidence in net zero energy in Zoetermeer (NL)

The housing association De Goede Woning, together with general contractor Dura Vermeer, are planning to renovate 120 homes to net […]

11 December 2017

Innovative new financial model to enable private apartment blocks to retrofit to net zero energy

Homeowners from a private apartment building in Assen have wanted to go to net zero energy (NZE) for three years […]

07 December 2017

Vilogia chooses solution provider for first French Energiesprong renovations

The Energiesprong movement in France took two major steps recently. Enabled by Transition Zero (a project funded by the EU’s […]

15 November 2017

50 international partners of Energiesprong gathered in Nottingham

Some 50 international partners of Energiesprong gathered in Nottingham, UK during 24 and 25 October 2017 to share good practice […]

05 October 2017

Canada releases a framework for Net Zero Energy refurbishments

Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) has announced the release of foundational research for large-scale Net Zero Energy refurbishments in collaboration with […]

29 September 2017

36 organisations sign to refurbish 3.600 Energiesprong dwellings in France

Assembled for the 78th Congress of the Social Union for Housing, 36 organisations signed the Energiesprong commitment charter in France. […]

26 September 2017

Dutch resident shares his experiences about the net zero energy makeover

Housing association Woonborg and construction company Dijkstra Draisma renovated 33 houses in Rhoden, a village close to Groningen in the […]

31 August 2017

Nottingham first to adopt revolutionary housing approach

Ten homes in Nottingham have been selected as part of a UK pilot to radically improve older houses using measure […]