Ontario first embraced Energiesprong in early 2017, when Sustainable Building Canada (SBC) hosted three design charrettes to stimulate interest for Net Zero Energy retrofits in the region. The outcome was great, with a viability study declaring the approach feasible. The first group of motivated and committed actors has since been looking at ways to approach the Ontario market. Their work has culminated in several funding applications of which one has been successful, whilst others are awaiting approval.

Typical Ontario stock


SBC believes that a regional approach, coupled with a national mandate would be the most effective way to aggregating the demand necessary to engage Industry in the investment required to deliver the transformation. Canada’s size and the diverse nature of the stock of homes, local delivery capabilities and climactic conditions means that regional market development teams will be necessary to tailor solutions to the environment and the Industry.

Although there are barriers to adoption, the policy and regulatory regime in Canada has already institutionalized or adopted policy reform in areas that still present barriers to the adoption of Energiesprong in Europe, a condition that will contribute to the ability to rapidly deploy the program.


If you want to contact Energiesprong Ontario email contact@sbcanada.org or see their website http://sbcanada.org/energiesprong/

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